Fitness & Wellness Provider Client Management App

Developed specifically for freelance fitness trainers, wellness coaches, yoga instructors and massage therapists


UpUp Benefits + Features for Health & Wellness Provider

  • Payments made easy

    Increase retention and revenue with automatic in app billing

  • Income Tracking

    See how, when and where your income is coming from

  • History

    Easily track client progress, settle disputes, etc

  • Scheduling

    Allow clients to see your availability to request, book or reschedule sessions

  • Client Profiles

    Manage your client’s progress & goals, call, text and map to them; all in on place

  • Messaging

    In app messaging allows you to stay connected and keep business separate from personal

UpUp Benefits & Features for Your Clients

  • Track Progress

    Clients can easily see how far they’ve come while getting in shape

  • Quarterly Report

    UpUp automatically generates a quarterly report that shows their progress, goals, stats and notes from each session

  • Gift Sessions

    Your clients can easily introduce you to their friends, family, neighbors and cohorts and grow your business

  • Simple Scheduling

    Now they can see when you’re available and request you. You’ll get more bookings, more often

  • Edit Personal Stats

    Your clients will be able to edit their personal stats and track their journey

  • Messaging

    The built in messaging feature allows your clients to message you from anywhere


Single Providers

$ 75

Per Month

  • + 4.9%
  • Everything you need to manage your sessions sell services and streamline everyday tasks.

Multi Providers

$ 150

Per Month

  • + 4.9% plus $19 per additional provider
  • Great for scaling up your already growing health and wellness service with multiple providers.

Create a great client experience

Use UpUp to grow your personal training, yoga, fitness or massage business. So that you can retain more clients with a personalized approach.


The app that allows health and wellness professionals a way to fully manage client sessions.

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  • Manage payments easy
  • Track income
  • Schedule sessions
  • View client history
  • Preview profiles
  • Message your clients
  • By having my own app that handles all my administration, billing and scheduling needs I am more professional than I ever was and I have more time to see client’s which means more income every month.

    Hans Rearick
  • UpUp gave Yofima the ability to manage clients & provider, expand into multiple cities, and increase our revenue all in one place. It’s like having an entire technology development team so we can focus on our client’s health and wellness.

    Yofima yofima.com

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