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Need help? We offer the following FAQ guides to help you troubleshoot our system on your own. We also provide video tutorials to show you how our system works in real-time!


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Knowledge base & Frequently asked questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you learn how to make the best use of the UpUp platform for Vendors, Providers and Clients.

Absolutely! Contact us today to learn how you can use UpUp as a white label platform to create a unique app of your own! However, there are things to consider before choosing this path.

For more information, give us a call and we can discuss the pros and cons of adding custom tools and the potential costs associated with it.

No. UpUp offers support for most major video conferencing services (Zoom, Go-To-Meeting, Google Hangouts, etc). You and your service providers can connect with clients or students easily by setting online classes or sessions which will automatically trigger a Video session with the link you provide from your preferred service.

Yes. Stripe accounts are free and easy to set up. Once your account is activated on UpUp, you can seamlessly collect payments, pay your monthly subscription and pay your team! UpUp will open STRIPE’s dashboard so you can track revenue easily. All of this is done securely.

To create a STRIPE account, just login to your admin and visit the BILLING section. You will find several links there to begin the process. If you need help, just give us a call.

Absolutely! UpUp comes with FREE tech support. You can call for a live service representative to assist you Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm PT. After hours or on weekends, we offer several ways to request assistance via email (through the app or your web admin).

You can also create a trouble ticket for our tech support team to see. We also encourage all Vendors to use our FAQ and our Video Tutorials to be sure you fully understand how to use the UpUp platform.

The UpUp development team is constantly looking for new ways to improve our service. We aim to push new feature updates once per quarter (every 3 months). Bug or usability enhancements come on an as needed basis.

We are always looking for community input! If you have an idea for how we can make our tools better or a feature you would like to see added – please tell us!

Service provider accounts must be activated before they can login to your app. Once you create a provider account using your web-based Vendor ADMIN, go to your provider’s profile and activate them.

To do this: LOGIN > PROVIDERS > Select a provider by clicking on their name > Click “Activate” in the upper right corner of their profile.

If you are having difficulty with your web-based administration, you can always reach our team and report your problem by clicking “SUPPORT TICKET” from the left side menu of your web admin.

Add a subject, select the type of issue, include as much information as possible and attach a screen shot. Please include a link of the page you experienced an issue. We will then try to replicate the steps on our end to fix the problem in a timely manner.

You can find daily, weekly, bi-weekly and Monthly reports on your clients and providers in your VENDOR ADMIN.

If your company offers a monthly recurring package of classes or sessions for a flat rate (example: five 1 hour classes each month for $100), you can easily set this up as follows:

1) Go to: Billing > Package Pricing


3) Under SESSIONS PER MONTH, select the amount included in your package (ex: 5)

4) Set the Monthly Package price (example: $100)

5) Set the length of your class or sessions (ex: 60)

6) Set the PRICE PER SESSION to $0 or set to the amount a client is billed per class if they attend more than 5 classes in a month. This will cover any overages. For example, if you set the fee to $30 and your client attends 6 classes instead of the 5 they are allowed, they will be billed an extra $30 on the next billing cycle.

7) Set ROLLOVER SESSIONS. Here you can choose to let unused classes or sessions roll over to be used the next month. Rollovers are used LAST. If they are not used by the end of the next calendar month, they expire.

Not all company business models are the same. Some charge per session, some charge a monthly flat fee for unlimited sessions. Others offer a package of sessions for a fixed price. Our tools allow you the flexibility to determine your fee structure.

To setup a flat monthly fee:

1) Go to: Billing > Package Pricing



4) Set the price

5) Set the length of your class or sessions (if you have classes of different lengths, you will need to set up different packages)

6) Set the PRICE PER SESSION to $0 or leave blank


All done!

To setup a single session fee:

1) Go to: Billing > Package Pricing


3) Name the package based on the attributes of the class (ex: 30 minute session)

4) Under SESSIONS PER MONTH, select 0

5) Set the Monthly Package Price to $0

6) Set the length of your class or sessions (if you have classes of different lengths, you will need to set up different packages)

7) Set the PRICE PER SESSION to the fee you charge from a Drop In session


Now when clients without an ongoing monthly plan wants to book a single session, they can choose the single session package.

When creating packages, you will notice an option for ROLLOVER SESSIONS. If your company offers plans that consist of a fixed quantity of classes or sessions per month, occasionally your customer may not use all of them before the month is over. ROLLOVER SESSIONS allow you to permit your client or student to use un-used sessions the following month. This gives them an extra month to use classes they have already paid for.

For example, let’s say your client has four(4) sessions a month that they use once a week. However they go on vacation for two(2) weeks and are unable to attend your class or session during that time. The two(2) un-used sessions would rollover to the following month, giving your client a total of six(6) sessions to use.

Note: Rollover sessions expire after the additional month period.

No. At this time, providers and clients only have access to the mobile app. Vendors are given access to a special web based interface to manage all clients and service providers.

While using your company’s UpUp app, you can easily find your client’s profile information by clicking: Appointments > Sessions > then click on a client’s name on left side of the screen.

While using the mobile app as a provider, there is currently no central compiled list of clients. Clients are found by using search options when setting up sessions via the calendar.

However, Vendors can see a full list of company clients using the WEB ADMIN by clicking on CLIENTS from the left side navigation menu.

A provider associated to a client can see their Goals but not the status of them. Goal can be made private by using the toggle switch that says “share with providers?” on the goal page.