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FREE Until December 31st 2024!

As part of our new product launch, we are offering our system as a FREE service until December 31st, 2024! That is a full year to celebrate the launch of UpUp!. You will not be charged our monthly subscription fee until then! Cancel anytime before then and your credit card will not be charged!


December 31st, 2024: Pricing Made Simple!

Beginning in 2025, for as little as $20 a month, you can take your business UpUp! Take advantage of our easy-to-use suite of powerful tools to connect your service providers to your clients/members. We offer a choice of several plans with a very simple fee structure.

Single Member Vendor: $20 a month

If you are a owner operated service provider utilizing UpUp to manage your client appointments or student class-load, the fee is only $20 a month! No setup fees, no hidden costs – just a low monthly subscription of $20 plus the 4.9% license fee (see more below) to access our powerful suite of tools. There are no other hidden cost or set up fees. Get started today offering your clients or students an easy-to-use scheduling tool to communicate with you, schedule a class or appointment, track progress and securely pay you for the services you provide.

Vendors with a team of providers: $20 a month + $15 a month per additional provider!

You are a busy business owner with a team of people providing clients a range of services. You need an easy and cost-effective way to manage your clients and their service providers through your App! For only $15 per provider (monthly), you can help your team manage appointments, build client relationships, collect payments and get PAID securely from their phone! Get started today!

STRIPE for Payment Processing

UpUp is integrated with the STRIPE merchant account payment system. This allows you to easily process client payments securely for recurring monthly memberships or for single sessions.
You set up your billing packages, fee structure and your provider’s hourly rate – then let UpUp do the rest! (*a STRIPE account is required). The only cost to you is a small 4.9% client license fee for handling all secure transactions.



4.9% Transaction Fee:

Beyond the monthly subscription, UpUp charges a 4.9% transaction fee that covers payment processing, payout, client license fee and all other misc. third party fee’s incurred.